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Grayson Dolan 2015

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Grayson Dolan 2018

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Ethan Dolan 2015

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Ethan Dolan 2018

Grayson Bailey Dolan: Grayson Dolan is currently single.

-Grayson Dolan was born on December 16th, 1999 in New Jersey 20 minutes after his twin brother Ethan Dolan.

-He is currently 18 years old.

-His full name is Grayson Bailey Dolan

-Went to West Morris Central before transferring to online school due to bullying and moved to L.A. He graduated from Online School in 2017.

-Grayson is 5'11" or even taller

-Grayson (and his brother, Ethan) are known for their famous Vine skits and rapid growing youtube channel with over 5 million subscribers.

-Grayson has one sister, Cameron June Dolan

-His parents are named Lisa and Sean

-Grayson has a twin, Ethan Grant Dolan.

-His favorite color is green

-As of June 2018 he has 7 million followers on Instagram

-As of June 2018 he has 6.4 million on Twitter

-3.4 million followers on Vine (they don't upload vidoes there anymore because vine is dead R.I.P.)

-He is younger than Ethan by 20 minutes because there was a complication during birth. Grayson’s heart stopped beating and he technically died for a whole minute, but then a miracle happened and his heart started beating again thank god because if no angels wouldn’t live on earth.

-Back in school he was in the football team and was wrestling.

-His favorite food is pineapple pizza.

-His favorite movie is the conjuring.

Ethan Dolan: Ethan is single.

-Ethan Dolan was born on December 16th, 1999 in New Jersey

-He is currently 18 years old.

-His full name is Ethan Grant Dolan

-Ethan is 5'10" or taller

-Known for Vine and YouTube.

-He has a sister older by two years, Cameron Dolan

-He has a brother, Grayson Dolan

-His favourite color is clear.

-As of June 2018 he has 6.8 million followers on Instagram

- As of June 2018 he has 6.27 million followers on Twitter

-3.2 million on Vine.

-Ethan is shorter than Grayson.

-His favourite food is also pineapple pizza/pancakes.

-His favorite movie is how to train your dragon 2

Dolan Twins: The Dolan Twins are two 18 year old social media sensations around the world. In 2015, the boys moved to Los Angeles, California to be more productive. From June to late November of 2016, the boys went on their 42 show international tour, named the 4OU Tour, also known as For Only You. Then, in 2017, the twins revealed the Dolan Twins Warehouse, a place for them to let out all their craziness and make their YouTube videos even better. They also recently collaborated with the app known as Episode, they flew a fan out to their warehouse to create a video with them in behalf of Episode as they have a game on it known as falling for the Dolan Twins. In April of 2018 they bought at a house whilst they were on their break and began to introduce fans to new characters through skits on their Youtube channel. They are close friends with Bryant, James Charles, Emma Chamberlain and Ryan Karoly.